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Why use Practi?

Say goodbye to the compliance burden

No need to spend ££££s on compliance every year. A one-off joining fee covers FCA registration and we’ll do the admin for you.

Patient-centric financing

Practi is an authorised representative of SimplyHealth. There is no minimum spend, and high approval ratings for patients at competitive rates.

Finance baked into the treatment journey

Introduce finance to the process naturally, with no more awkward conversations.

How to get more patients going ahead with dental treatments

3 simple ways to increase case acceptance

3 minute video


* 46% of patients went ahead with high value dental treatments: Research conducted with 500 patients via the Boston Consulting Group (2022)

* Many dental practices are as much as 30% below their case acceptance rate estimate - The Levin Group

Get everything you need to increase case acceptance with Practi



Patients decide how they want to pay, without any awkward conversations.


Help patients understand treatment with crystal clear explanations and animations.


Keep track of everything in one place and discover why some patients don't go ahead.

We handle the FCA admin for you 🗂

With Practi, there's no need to be authorised or registered independently with the FCA. Plus, we'll do all the paperwork for you.

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What practices say

Owner and Clinical Director of Mola Dental in Sheffield, Chetan Mistry, explains why he chose to use Practi and how it helps his patients go ahead with treatment. 


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