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Why use Practi?

Say goodbye to the compliance burden

No need to spend ££££s on compliance every year. A one-off joining fee covers FCA registration and we’ll do the admin for you.

Patient-centric financing

Practi is an authorised representative of SimplyHealth. There is no minimum spend, and high approval ratings for patients at competitive rates.

Finance baked into the treatment journey

Introduce finance to the process naturally, with no more awkward conversations.

🦷 Practi is for dentists

Never forget to offer patient finance again.


How many of your patients would benefit from finance, but haven't had the conversation? Finance often gets forgotten, but it doesn't have to be that way. With Practi, you can:

  • Give patients complete clarity on available payment options right at the start of their journey - with embedded finance. 
  • Save your team another job 
  • Prime patients for success with engaging treatment guides. 
  • Register with the FCA for a one-off fee of £250.  
  • Take advantage of stable and competitive rates that don't fluctuate every month.
  • Track patient conversion and gather insights.
Don't forget finance again - see how Practi works