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Why use Practi?

Say goodbye to the compliance burden

No need to spend ££££s on compliance every year. A one-off joining fee covers FCA registration and we’ll do the admin for you.

Patient-centric financing

Practi is an authorised representative of SimplyHealth. There is no minimum spend, and high approval ratings for patients at competitive rates.

Finance baked into the treatment journey

Introduce finance to the process naturally, with no more awkward conversations.

Smarter patient finance for dental teams.

In just a few clicks you can send patients everything they need to go ahead with treatment.

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Smarter patient finance

Patients can pick the loan that suits them best, or pay in practice - all without needing an awkward finance conversation. Easier for everyone.

Engaging treatment education

Save on admin time with a library of 20+ clinically verified and ready-to-go treatment guide templates. Perfect for quick responses to enquiries and after assessments.

Insights and conversion tracking

Find out why some patients don't go ahead, keep track of all prospective patients from one place and prioritise which ones to get back to first.

See how Practi works


For practices


🫣 no more awkward finance conversations - finance is explained to patients through Practi

⏳ save time with a library of 20+ ready made, clinically verified treatment guides to share with patients

📊 dashboard to quickly see treatment acceptance and prioritise follow up

💡 insights on why some patients choose not to go ahead

🤝 FCA registration and paperwork taken care of


For patients


💸 clearly explained finance options where they can split payments over time

📹 treatment animations and explanations so they understand what’s going to happen

📝 their treatment plan and dentist notes attached

✅ high acceptance rates


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54% of patients don't start the dental treatments they want*

There are many reasons why. From affordability, nerves, and uncertainty to simply not receiving the right follow-up.

Let’s end this trend.

*We surveyed 500 patients about dental treatments in 2022.

What practices say

Owner and Clinical Director of Mola Dental in Sheffield, Chetan Mistry, explains why he chose to use Practi and how it helps his patients go ahead with treatment. 


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